During our stay in Buenavista Northern Samar Philippines are typical day was started when the local roster would wake us up about 5 in the morning. It seems like he would be right outside our bedroom window and would not shut up. Probably a good thing I was not allowed to have a shot-gun.

We would get up and have some coffee and breakfast. Sometimes we would go for a walk around the town. Was always best to do in the morning before it would get hot out. Then usually around 1 in the afternoon I would go take a nap. I would have to so I could survive the nights activity. Around 5 pm and sometimes much early visitors would start to show up. Now we would either stay at the house or go over to one of the locals house.

Filipino’s are always wanting to be a gracious host. IF you would stop by there house they will offer you some food and something to drink. I would always try and be polite and turn it down but would end up giving in for they would not take no for an answer. As the day turned into night we would start drinking. I would just stick to the San Miguel beer. My wife and her family and friends would either do shots Tanduay rum or tuba wine. If you do not know what tuba wine is or even tried it you are in for a treat.

Tuba wine is made from the coconut tree and is referred to as a poor man’s drink because of its inexpensive distillation process and is a more accessible alcoholic drink. Just because it is called that does not mean it is bad. It is a very good wine. To give an example of what it cost a beer goes for around .75 cent, a bottle of tanduay cost about 2 dollar and tuba wine about .50 cent for a liter.

What I found interesting is they would drink up till about 10 pm. Then everyone turns off the music and puts the alcohol away and goes home. You can tell what time it is because it would get quit at 10 pm. This happen every day. It was just another fun day in the Philippines.WordPress Post