As 2014 has started to come to a close I was going to write a review of 2014. What is good for you it would take me way too many hours to research it. Lets face it, I never made any notes since I never even thought about writing about it. So I will just write about the good and bad that has happen to me this year. Are you ready to be amused.

I started the year out buying plane tickets for for Nida and I. We decide we need to take a trip to the philippines to visit family and friends. It had been about 5 years since she had been home to see her family and it had been almost 20 years since I have been to the philippines. We scheduled Nida’s departure for the 1st of March. Before she left I convinced her to let me start a new hobby. In my ultimate wisdom I decided to learn how to make wine. Nida loves to drink wine but I prefer to just stick to beer.                   Now I am thinking this can not be very hard to do. At least the videos I saw made it like easy. I made my first batch of wine with very little research. It turned up disastrous. I finally did some research and it still took me around 3 or 4 batches of wine before I was able to get one right. I did learn after each try what not to do. I did finally make a excellent batch of Banana wine. I plan on continuing to make wine in 2015 and I hope I will continue to improve as I do it.

On June 21st I left for my vacation to the philippines. I am pretty sure everyone at work was glad to see me leave. It was a long plane ride. While on the trip to the philippines we had a layover in Japan. It also been a long time since I have been in Japan and decide  need to hit the Japanese restaurants in the airport for some overpriced but excellent Japanese cuisine and beer. I arrived in Manila at 10 pm on the 22nd of June and commenced my journey to Buenavista in Northern Samar Philippines. That my friends is a tale already explained and just plan on taking a plane the next time I travel there.

We spent all the time while in the philippines with Nida’s family and did not even have a chance to go visit some of my navy buddies. So I am hoping that the next trip works out better. I did make some new friends while in the Small town of Buenavista.

On a sad note I was sadden to hear the passing of my ex wife’s dad and the grand father to my oldest daughter Rosemary. He was a good man and will be deeply missed. They have had a tough year and I hope they both have a better 2015.

The rest of the year went smooth. I have not been fired from my job yet but give me time. I am positive I can accomplish that. I just have this natural ability to cause hate and discontent.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and can give me some feedback on. I plan on taking a blogging class in 2015. I hoping to blog on my winemaking experience.