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The Art of Making Wine

The Art of Making Wine is not that difficult and an excellent hobby to do in your spare time. You can make a good wine if you take your time to do it correctly and. To make a great wine takes time to learn the craft.

If you are going to start making wine I do recommend that you research as much information on how to make wine. There is a lot of good and bad information out there.

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I started making wine about a year and half ago. I have made some very good batched and I have also had to dump some of the wine I made down the drain. It was just that bad. You can join several wine clubs that also help you with making wine. One of my favorite blogs is Jack kelly’s wine blog. There also numerous video’s on youtube that can help with getting the basic’s down.

Here are some links to books and eBooks that could be useful.

 Grape Growing & Wine Making for Beginners

 The Home Winemakers inner circle

 Grape Growing and Wine Making- The Total Wine Making System

Delicious winemaking Made Easy.

I am sure there is more books and Videos out there and will add the links when I find them. I am think of doing my own video one day if I could ever get past being camera shy.


One of the biggest reason I started making wine is I need something to do when I retire. My desire is to retire by the end of this year. I am going to do this by continuing to build my home business I started.  If you would like more information about the business that is going to help me live my dream just click the link below.

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