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My first port visit was Rio De Janeiro Brazil in 1983. I was a young 20 year old man who had been in the navy about a year and half. It was an experience that I will never forget.  Shortly after this visit the movie Blame it on Rio came out in theators. Ever time I see that movie it takes me back to when I was there.




On my first port visit I was able to go and see the statue of Christ the Redeemer. The only bad part was leaving my camera back at the ship. I could of had some awesome pictures.

We took a cab all the way up to the statue and then back. Then immediately had the local police called on us cause the cab driver pulled one of the oldest trick in the book by not turning on the meter. So my first day of liberty was a short one. Learned a quick lesson on that one and never ever made that mistake again. The bad part we had a senior enlisted with us and he did not catch it either.

Let face it in 1983 there was no such thing as trip advisor to tell you what to watch out for or were not to go. You found out information when the local embassy advisor would come onboard your ship and pass out information to the officer and chiefs. They in turn would pass the information down to there respective division and so on.


On my second day of liberty on my first port visit was actually planned out. We took a guided tour of Rio.  The tour took us to the Beaches of Copacabana and to the Sugar Loaf Mountain. Sugar loaf mountain was made famous with the movie Moonraker. Which I did not know till that day. Both where awesome sites.


It has been almost 32 years since I have been to Rio De Janeiro. I would love to go back to see how much it has changed. I will continue to work my online Total Funnel System business so I can save up the money to make that trip. I am planning on being there next year for the 2016 olympics. Want to know more about my business go to ericjaspers.com or click on the link above my Signature.

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