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First let me say I am a die hard Bengals fan. I have always followed the Bengals even when I was stationed overseas. When I would call home and talk to my parents I would always ask what is wrong with the Bengals. Why can they not put together a winning season. Most of the time they would just answer it’s the Bengals what do you expect.

After I returned to the states I heard about The Curse of Paul Brown. Then I read an article written by Anthony Cosenza. The title of that article was:

 1991 The Year of The Curse.


The article is a few years but it breaks down how the Bengal played in their first 23 years under Paul Brown compared how they played in the last 23 years after Paul Brown passed away and Mike Brown took over. So maybe they need to change it from the Curse of Paul Brown to the The Curse of Mike Brown.

A curse is usually started when someone is mad at a team. For example the curse on the Chicago Cubs over a goat. How long this curse will last is unknown. I just hope that in the upcoming draft in april they can get so good choices. For now I can only say is we will have to wait till next year to find out.

I honestly believe Mike Brown is doing everything possible to bring a Super Bowl Trophy home to Cincinnati. I am one fan who hopes he succeeds.  Who Dey!!!!!!!

Eric Jaspers

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