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Chateau Laroche is the name of a castle located in Loveland Ohio on the banks of the Little Miami River.


When I was about 15 or 16 years old which was around 1979.  My brother, sister and I whent and visted the Chateau Laroche castle and also know as the Loveland castle. I had the honer of meeting Harry Andrews and he gave us a tour of the castle.

Even today I am amazed at what Harry has accomplished. A lot of changes have been made since I was there in 1979 but when I close my eyes and think back I can picture my self standing in it and him explaining about different parts of the castle.  I do not remember everything but here is a little history on the castle that I can Remember.

Chateau Laroche  castle was named after a military hospital in the Chateau la Roche in southwest France. Harry was a Boy Scout troop leader and was able to get two free plots of land by paying for one-year subscription to the Cincinnati Enquirer. He started the construction in 1929 by pulling stones from the Little Miami River. When the supply was exhausted he started to mold bricks with cement and quart milk cartons

When Harry Andrews passed away in 1981 he willed the castle to his boy Scout Troop. The Knights of the golden Trail. (KOGT).

Chateau Laroche castle is an amazing site to be seen. It is a testament to how one man’s dream and determination still lives on for future generation’s to enjoy. If you are in the greater Cincinnati area during the summer months you need to head over to Loveland and take a look for your self. Here is a Link to there Website so you can schedule a day at the Loveland castle. Chateau Laroche

Eric Jaspers

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