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Balut: A Filipino delicacy that makes the world squirm

I first encounter Balut on one of many visits to the the philippines when I was on active duty. It is one of those delicacy that you either love it or hate it. There is no inbetween.

Despite being an object of culinary fascination around the world, balut is no beauty queen. I personally do not like balut and could never get past the part of there being a baby duck embryo inside the egg.


The 18-day-old fertilized duck egg has revolted even the most daring foodies with its carnal textures, earning it lofty rankings on many a “most disgusting/strange/terrifying food” list.

The yolk is easily detached from the shell, veins and all.

I have know a few americans sailors who eat balut while sitting at the bar in the philippines and tossing a few beers back.
I would usually shot some pool rather than be near them while they enjoy the delicacy
the yolk is easily detached from the shell, veins and all.

For others, balut’s combination of savory soup, fresh meaty bird and warm yolk is a revelation.

If you are eager to try Balut and do not want to travel to the philippines there is a Filipino restaurant in New York that serves Balut. They even have a Balut eating contest. I have attached  a youtube video about it.



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