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The Beauty of Sunset

I have spent many of days watching the sunset while I was on active duty. I spent 13 of the 20 years on Navy ships. So I can say with upmost certainly that watching a sunset underway was always spectacular.

Depending on which direction we were heading I would go and find me a spot and just stand there in complete silence and take in and marvel at the beauty mother nature shows during a sunset.

sunset from the back of aship

Sunset from the back of a ship

The sunset would always gave me this calming feeling. Knowing tomorrow holds no promise. With any luck I will get to watch another sunset tomorrow.

My days of watching the sunset from the back of a ship have long since sailed but the image’s of that beauty will forever be held. When I visit some ocean shore I can not help but find my self staring out to sea thinking of the beauty of the sea.

I can put up 1000 pictures of sunsets, but it could never really show the true beauty for which I have seen.