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Planning a party for the Super Bowl can be a huge task. What should type of food should I cook. Should I get just beer or should I get some liquor to make mix drinks.

I have been to my share of Super Bowl parties and have even hosted a few my self. Most of them it was bring your own beer and the host puts out some chips and dips.

While I was on active duty in the navy I attend one particular Super Bowl party that gets brought up every time my buddy’s and I get together.  And we did not even spend a lot of money to do it.

The planning started that Friday before the game and we were standing around talking about the weekend. Who has duty and on what day and who was free to watch the super bowl. It was during this time we decide that we would get together and throw a party. So we all chip in a few dollars to put towards food and drink and decided on a location.


One of the individuals that was with us had just returned back to the states from being stationed in the Philippines. He agreed to have the party at his house after getting the go ahead from his Wife who was from the Philippines.

With the money we chip in for food hi wife made up some excellent finger food which consisted of Lumbia and Beef and chicken kabobs. They cooked the kabobs over a grill.  The food was excellent.

to keep the cost of alcohol down we all came with a few beers and made up some MOJO. MOJO is a mixed drink that was served in most of the bars in the Philippines near navel base.

We all started arriving about an hour before the game and in true sailor tradition started with a few cold beer’s and eat some of the food. It was about the end of the 1st quarter we started to drink the MOJO.

Now I wish I could finish the story and tell you how the party went but I can not remember. The stories from the one’s who did not drink that night are what sea stories come from.

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