Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Feb 18, 2015 – The Book Store



Image by: Dawn M. Miller

Main Street Book store has been open for over a year now and was very successful.

The owner who was a retired Navy man and loved to read. He had a large collection of books at his house. Most of the time he would donate the books that he read to goodwill to make room for more books.

He always wanted to own his own business and had tried several time to start one but the business always seamed to fail with in a few months.  Then one day an old friend stop by his home and suggested a book store. He could sell the ones he read as used and also have a good supply of new books to read.

He thought about it for awhile then one day his boss really ticked him off and he quit. A month later he opened his store.

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5 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Feb 18, 2015 – The Book Store”

  1. Welcome! This story reminds me that often we need a bit of a “kick in our pants” to take a risk. It was a good thing he got ticked off at his boss because it made him open a book store that thusfar, has been successful! Very good “moral to the story” story! Thank you so much for participating and I really hope you will continue. 🙂

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