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I wrote my first blog on the art of making wine on the 7th of January when I started my first batch of wine. Here are some pictures of how the wine is coming along.

Wine 003

The first batch of wine after being transferred to the second fermentor.

wine 1 feb 2015 001

The first batch of wine one the 1st of february.

iphone 007

Clear Banana wine

The wine has now cleared. I am going to transferre the wine to another furminator and check the alcohol content. I will also add a campden tablet to stop the furminating. In one week I will bottle the wine.

There is not much to making wine at home. It’s not rocket science. One of the best sites to go to learn how to make wine is  The Home Winemakers inner circle.


Here is the recipe I use for making my banana wine

3lb Banana
1 1/2 cup chopped Raisins
7 pts water
21/4 sugar
3 tsp Acid Blend
1/4 tsp Tannin
1 tsp Nutrient
1 pkg yeast

I think the next batch of wine I am going to make is Peach.

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