Image Credit: Dawn M. Miller – Thank you for lending us this photo

Jim had been watching the tennis court out of his parents apartment window since they moved there.

Then one day while he and his mom where walking down main street they stop at the main street book store. He was looking at all the books on the shelves when he found a book on Tennis. He convinced his mother to get the book for him.

He read the book cover to cover and found it very interesting. So he started hanging out at the tennis courts when the local sports club was practicing.

One of the local coaches noticed and ask Jim if he would like to give it try.

Jim jumped up and said yes. He had played so well in his first practice the coach let him have one of his spare rackets.

Now a year later was Jim first match. He was hopping all the lessons he had taken over the past year would finally pay off.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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