I had mentioned in a previous post that Nida and I went tubing.  This was Nida’s first time going tubing but we are both experienced campers.  A group of us went to Turkey Run State Park for a weekend of just relaxing and having a good time.

We started setting up the tent early friday afternoon. Nida decided to help by taking the pictures.


After getting the tent up, tiki torches set, the air mattress full of air and the fire started is was time to relax and drink a few beers and eat some dinner.


We all got up around 0900 and head down the road to the local canoe and tubing tours business for our 3 hour trip.

Picked out a good tube to hold the cooler full of some food and beer.


Once the cooler was secured I took a seat on my tube and relaxed with an early afternoon beer.  The beer definitely help me keep cool as I floated down the creek.


Nida holding the drinks while I took pictures.


Me still setting back with another beer.


Had to stop for a group picture.


The weather was great all weekend and we all had one heck of a good time. Was going to try and make another trip this year but it is not looking to good. Will definitely have to do this next summer. With any luck we will have a bigger group, more beer and one heck of a good story.