Toward then end of October I was laid off from my last Job. The first thing I did was start looking for a new one. The second was go to the unemployment office and file for unemployment benefits. Considering I have not been without a job for over 30 years, this was very interesting experience.

Then I still found I had time to kill. So I started to do some remodeling on my home. I figured I start with one of our small bedrooms.

First I removed wood panels that were the walls.

Remodel 001

Remodel 003

Then I replaced the insulation around the window and installed 1/2 drywall, new door, new outlets and light switch.

Considering I have not hung drywall since I was young lad helping my father, it did not turn out half bad. Do have a few ops to fix.

Remodling 009 Remodling 010.

Unfortunately I know have to wait till after the holidays to cover all the joints and paint the room. We will be having visitors and will need the room.

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