Heavy Seas


The second Ship I was stationed on was the USS San Bernardino LST 1189. She had a flat bottom to her. This was design so that we could take the ship extremely close to the beach to off load the marines.

The bad part about having the flat bottom was she would rock from side to side in any type of sea. It could get really interesting when we were in rough seas.

On one of those underway periods we were in some moderate seas. I had some spare time so I went up on the signal bridge to try and get some pictures of the waves coming up over the bow of the ship.  Unfortunately this was the best one I could get before they secured the weather decks due to heavy seas.


Thanks to all the Veterans who have served this country.


Buffalo Nickel

Buffolow nicle

“She lived a life that some would describe as being on edge.” Sometimes living life on the edge has cost her…

Samantha was staring at the picture of the two buffalo nickels’ and thought back to time when she went sky diving with her friend Larry. Larry would always carry a buffalo nickel for luck. Has they were free falling, Larry had the nickel in his hand to help calm his nerves. When he pulled his cord to open the chute he drop the nickel.   When they landed they spent the next two hours looking for it.  

Samantha just smiled has she stared at the picture remembering how much she love spending time with Larry and how every year after that they would go sky diving on their wedding anniversary and Larry always had that nickel .


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Summer Time Fun

I had mentioned in a previous post that Nida and I went tubing.  This was Nida’s first time going tubing but we are both experienced campers.  A group of us went to Turkey Run State Park for a weekend of just relaxing and having a good time.

We started setting up the tent early friday afternoon. Nida decided to help by taking the pictures.


After getting the tent up, tiki torches set, the air mattress full of air and the fire started is was time to relax and drink a few beers and eat some dinner.


We all got up around 0900 and head down the road to the local canoe and tubing tours business for our 3 hour trip.

Picked out a good tube to hold the cooler full of some food and beer.


Once the cooler was secured I took a seat on my tube and relaxed with an early afternoon beer.  The beer definitely help me keep cool as I floated down the creek.


Nida holding the drinks while I took pictures.


Me still setting back with another beer.


Had to stop for a group picture.


The weather was great all weekend and we all had one heck of a good time. Was going to try and make another trip this year but it is not looking to good. Will definitely have to do this next summer. With any luck we will have a bigger group, more beer and one heck of a good story.

Monday Finish the Story – Bad Decision



“They followed the buffaloes and their babies along the trail heading into the woods.”  The five men did not want to get to close to the heard and risk spooking them. As they where heading into the woods the biggest male raised his head and looked at them. He let out a loud snort and started heading toward the men,  the men stopped and stood completely still for a few seconds then took off running with the male buffalo chasing after them. They realized they made a bad decision trying to hide there tracks among the buffalo tracks.

Several body’s where found in the woods by the buffalo herd. It looked like they were trying to sneak into town to steal the yard art that had been approved by the Brigadier. Some of the locals felt the Brigadier made a hasty decision on the art because of his recent discover of the traitor that has been causing damage to the town.

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Mondays Finish the Story – Yard Art



“The neighbors were not happy about my choice of yard art.”  I had found the yard art in an old warehouse.  The owner had passed away and his family was trying to clean out the warehouse so they could use it for a business they where wishing to start.

I liked the art because it reminded me of the towns past. My property is on the main road that go’s though the main part of town. So I placed the art work in a corner of my property where all travelers could see it.

It seams most of my younger neighbors are not very happy with the art work.  I have tried to explain how it reflex’s are past, but they just don’t want to hear it. The only people who do like it is the older generation.

Tomorrow I have to go meet with the Brigadier to see if I can get his support on the Issue.

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Monday finish the story – The Traitor



Once upon a time in a land far, far away...” There was a Mafia chieftain that wanted to take over a small town so he could run his illegal activities without reprisal. His first step was to turn someone very close to the Brigadier. The chieftain offered the brother of the Brigadier the governor’s office if he would help eliminate the brigadier.

Jimbo was approached by the Mafia chieftain and agreed with his plan. He threw the body through his brothers window. Then had the dam blown and made sure he was on the river when it blew so his brother would receive a false report that he had been killed while river rafting.  This way he could carry out the finale steps without his brother catching wind of what he is doing till it was to late but he did not expect him to hold all his senior security people in a meeting eating pizza.

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