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A Project I have been working on.

At the beginning of the summer I built this coffee table from old pallets.

Here is how I completed the task.

Coffee table 005

I started with 4 pallets like the one in the first picture.

Coffee table 004

I then took them apart and stacked the wood according to how I was going to use it.

Coffee table 008

I than built four crates and stained them.

Coffee table 012

Assembled the crates.

Coffee table 006

Built and add a base to bottom

Coffee table 015

Add four wheels to make it easy to move around. I know there is a few mistakes but it turned out pretty good for the first time ever making one. I am now making one for my daughter.

Coffee table 016

Please let me know what you all think.




Have not been very active.

For the past year I have not been very active with my blog. I have been attending class at Heartland Community College. My plan is to get a certificate in Small Business Management. At present I am carrying a 3.75 grade point average with 13 of 32 credits complete.

I am hoping to use this to advance my career or just might open my own business.


Collectable HO Train



I order the “The Spirit Of The West” Indian Head Nickel Train Collection from the Bradford exchange. I received the Locomotive the other day, here is a few pictures of it. Now I just need to get the track and assemble it. My goal is to have it set up under our christmas tree this year.

Remodling 001

HO Train 001 HO Train 002

Ho Train

I attached a link to the last picture if you would like to know more about the train.

What to do when you’re Laid Off.



Toward then end of October I was laid off from my last Job. The first thing I did was start looking for a new one. The second was go to the unemployment office and file for unemployment benefits. Considering I have not been without a job for over 30 years, this was very interesting experience.

Then I still found I had time to kill. So I started to do some remodeling on my home. I figured I start with one of our small bedrooms.

First I removed wood panels that were the walls.

Remodel 001

Remodel 003

Then I replaced the insulation around the window and installed 1/2 drywall, new door, new outlets and light switch.

Considering I have not hung drywall since I was young lad helping my father, it did not turn out half bad. Do have a few ops to fix.

Remodling 009 Remodling 010.

Unfortunately I know have to wait till after the holidays to cover all the joints and paint the room. We will be having visitors and will need the room.

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