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One of the challenges of life I find, is trying to find time to relax. My ideal way to relax, would be sitting on some beach watching the sunset with a class of Ice tea or a few beers. Since that is not going to happen any time soon. The parks surrounding the area I live and work, will have to do. While on active duty, I would try and watch the sunset. There was always something about watching the sunset from the somewhere on board the ship, that I would find relaxing, specially when the ship I was stationed on is underway. I never took a picture of one of those sunsets, but the images are forever ingrained.  

Relaxing now has been more of a challenge. Hard to watch the sunset when you work second shift. One way is to try and relax before heading into work.  One place I like to go is Weldon Springs State Park. The park located about 5 miles from where I work, it has a small lake and several areas you can park and go for walks or just sit and taken in nature. When time permits, I will stop by Weldon Springs State Park a half hour before I must be at work and just enjoy nature. Something about sitting outside and just taking in the sights and sounds of nature is very relaxing. My favorite spot to go to at Weldon Springs state Park is Veterans point.

Veterans Point is an area located on the east side of Weldon Springs and is dedicated to the Men and Women who have served, who are serving, and those that will serve.  The area around Veterans Point is well maintained and has a great view of the lake.

When I can not make it to Weldon Springs and do not have to go to work, I have a small table with a few chairs on my front porch. I will sit out there and have a few beers, waving at what few cars that pass by. The best part I can get a partial view of the setting sun.

What is you favorite way to relax?

What to do with Shoe’s

Shortly after moving into our new home and my daughter moving in with the grandkids, I discovered that we need something to hold all the shoes by the door. My first consideration was finding a shoe rack. I started looking searching various web sites, there was some nice ones but could not find any thing we liked. While doing my research, I then came across some plans for a few shoe racks. Using the information that I have found; I decided to build one myself.

Instead of using new wood, I decided to use some wood from old creates. The company I worked for at that time, received some new equipment, the equipment was created up with some decent wood. I did my normal job and help removed the equipment from the crates, once finished, I was able to set aside some of the wood for my project.

I decide to build it like a bench with at lease one shelve to store shoes. It took me a weekend to build it and another three days painting it a color the wife would like.

Even with all the energy spent making it and putting the shoes on it, the area still ends a mess.

A Sailors Concern

                The ocean has been part of my life for over 20 years. I have the upmost respect for its power. I have had the unwanted pleasure to see it in person. The ocean provides food for many countries. I have had the pleasure of tasting some of the great cuisine cooked by some of these countries.

Recently I took an class on environment for my continuous study’s. It was during this class that I came to the realization that we need to take better care of our environment. It motivated to help with our oceans.

There is a huge amount of garbage in our oceans and it is killing it. Our society need to start helping with the cleanup. For my birthday this year. I started a fundraiser to help with the cost of the cleanup. This amount is not very much. I just wanted to start with something.

I have add link below. If you have any question, please contact me.



Sunday Writing Prompt – Mr Allsopp’s Home Delivery Service.

Mr. Allsopp started his delivery business with his wife Martha, 20 years ago. He found a niche in the three-city area for A delivery person who could do same day pickup and delivery for anything that was not over 20 lb. and illegal. Martha would take the calks and then contact him with the information throughout the day.

It was the end of another week and Mr. Allsopp was hopeful for an easy day. He wanted to get home at a decent time so he could surprise Martha with a dinner out at IMOS steak and seafood house. It is was their 25th wedding anniversary. IMOS was a five-star restaurant that you had to make reservation for if you want to get a quick table. They do take walk in’s, but you may end up waiting over an hour for a table.

Martha knew her husband would plan something for their 25th wedding anniversary. She had scheduled an easy day. She wanted to spend time with her husband on their anniversary.

 Unknown to them both, their oldest son had arranged for a special dinner and show at the local theater. The theater is holding a special Father’s Day showing on Friday. He even made sure his dad’s delivery service picked up the tickets and delivered the tickets to his friends’ business so his dad would not suspect anything.

 Mr. Allsopp arrived home early, to his surprise, his children were all there waiting for him. Mark the oldest son, greeted him as he walked through the door. Mark had picked up the tickets and gave them to his father for the entire family for that night’s show. Mark told his father that these tickets where for the family to enjoy time with their parents on their anniversary and for that father who worked his tail off so they would have food on the table and roof over their head.

 To all the dads out there. Happy Father’s Day.     

The Unexpected Misson

A short story of one young man’s unexpected mission

            Leroy was a shy young man and kept to himself most of the time. Leroy attended St. Columban Elementary school with his brother Butch and his sister Ana. St Columban was a Catholic school located in the small town where he his parents have moved their family too. The area Leroy lived in was a new housing development and had numerous homes in the process of being built.

One morning while Leroy was getting his lunch ready, he decided to would also include a soda with his lunch. He graps a soda out of the refrigerator and starts to wrap it aluminum foil. His brother Butch ask what he was doing. Leroy in from his brother of his plan of taking a soda to school and is wrapping it in foil to help keep it cool. His brother laughs and says enjoy your warm soda at lunch time.

            Leroy and his siblings headed out for the bus stop 20 min before the bus arrived. While they were waiting the bus, Leroy notice a beer laying on the ground. He picks the can of beer up and immediately comments that it is unopened. He looks at his brother and says we should give take this home and put in the fridge for his parents. Butch looks over to see that the bus was at the stop before theirs and says; there is not enough time. Leroy quickly opens his lunch box and takes out the soda wrapped in foil. He unwraps the soda and wraps the beer up in it and puts both the soda and beer back in his lunch box. The all get on the bus and head off to school.

              Leroy sat nervously in class all day, he knew that if they discovered there was a full unopened beer in his lunch box, there would be heavy consequence. Leroy kept looking over at the coat room where his lunch box was. He wanted to make sure no one messed with his lunch box.

Lunch time arrived and he picked up his lunch box and went straight to were they always ate lunch. He carefully opened his lunch box, just enough to get out his sandwich and soda. Making sure no one had a chance to notice the beer wrapped in foil. He specially had to watch out for the lunchroom helpers. Parents that come in during lunch times to help keep an eye out for unruly kids. The Lunch time bell single the end of their lunch time, and the start of the next. Leroy heads back to his classroom with his classmates and to put away their lunch boxes and off to recesses the class goes. Luck was in Leroy’s favor today; his teacher happens to be the playground supervisor for the day and she always locks the classroom door when no one is in there. So, his secrete is safe for now.    

            Leroy has made it through the school and is now headed home with his siblings. But there is still the bus ride home. If the driver found out he could still inform the school what has happen. When Leroy was seated, his sister Ana come up him and asked him if he still had that beer. Leroy was stricken with panic, and in a low voice said yes and do not say that so load. Luckily no one heard her.

            Leroy arrived home and removed the beer from his lunch box and put it in the refrigerator with the other beer his parents drink. The only problem was, the beer was a different brand. Leroy hops his parents do not noticed that.

            Now Leroy’s parents where strict and Leroy was a little apprehensive to how they will react. They would either scold him or make him do manual labor to teach him a lesson.

Leroy mom arrives home from work first, she does her normal greeting and ask everyone how there day went. Mom opens the refrigerator and immediately noticed the off-brand beer and ask where this beer come from. Leroy knew he better just tell the truth and explained to his mother that he found it at the bus stop this morning and put it in his lunch box. His mother gasp loudly and says you took a beer to school. OH MY GOD do you know what would have happen if you were caught. I said you would have gotten a phone call from school. She the stats laughing and in a very stern voice, do not ever do that again.  Few hours later, Leroy’s father arrives home from work. He opens the refrigerator and the ask the same question, but it was directive towards Leroy’s mother, where did this beer come from. She looks up and says ask your middle son that question. He then turns towards Leroy as he sat at the kitchen table doing homework, son where did this beer come from. Leroy told him what he did that day. His father looks at him says Oh shit and says do not do that again and starts laughing and takes the beer out of the fridge, opens it and enjoys a cold beer with a big grin.

A Quick Update

                Since my last blog was back in 2016, I am going to post all the things that have happened, and what we are trying to accomplish since then. I completed my small business class at Heartland community college. I was able to complete my certification in two years. I have sense started working towards an associate degree.  With any luck, I will be to finish that late next year.

                The next big challenged that my wife Nida and I faced was purchasing a house. It took us three months to accomplished this, but in August of 2017 be purchased a new home and moved from Bloomington, IL to Lincoln, IL.  We have started to remodel the bathroom. I will post a separate blog on that great undertaking.

                As retirement looms in my near future, we purchased some land in Nida’s home country of the Philippines. With any luck, we hope to start building a hone there in the next year or two. Once we have the house built. I hope to retire and relocate to the Philippines.

                The last big change that has occurred since my last active time frame, I started a new job in September of 2018. I am hopping this will be my last job change till I retire. Like I mentioned before, retirement is just on the horizon.   

A Project I have been working on.

At the beginning of the summer I built this coffee table from old pallets.

Here is how I completed the task.

Coffee table 005

I started with 4 pallets like the one in the first picture.

Coffee table 004

I then took them apart and stacked the wood according to how I was going to use it.

Coffee table 008

I than built four crates and stained them.

Coffee table 012

Assembled the crates.

Coffee table 006

Built and add a base to bottom

Coffee table 015

Add four wheels to make it easy to move around. I know there is a few mistakes but it turned out pretty good for the first time ever making one. I am now making one for my daughter.

Coffee table 016

Please let me know what you all think.




Have not been very active.

For the past year I have not been very active with my blog. I have been attending class at Heartland Community College. My plan is to get a certificate in Small Business Management. At present I am carrying a 3.75 grade point average with 13 of 32 credits complete.

I am hoping to use this to advance my career or just might open my own business.